I’m in Pittsburgh today talking to Pennsylvania marketers. Yesterday, Harrisburg with about 30 marketers. When asked, over half said their marketing budgets had been cut this year. Others were clinging to theirs.

My subject – Marketing on a Budget During a Recession – sexy.

The Pennsylvania League launched a statewide brand campaign last year called iBelong. It’s really good. It’s timely. It’s affordable. It’s a no-brainer. Illinois and Mississippi leagues picked it up.

Yesterday three credit unions showed what they are doing with the iBelong campaign. Some of the things that stood out for me:

– Joint advertising on billboards and banners at community events. (picture the iBelong logo and then three different community credit union logos on the bottom).
– Buying cable TV spots for like $5.00 (in some markets that’s possible).
– But THE BEST one – a credit union in Scranton, PA was able to get an iBelong.org bumper sticker on the set of The Office (look for it this season behind Pam’s desk).

Now is the time to drop everything – stop pushing products, stop “going after” members with membership bribes (aka stalker marketing) and join together for a national brand campaign. iBelong.org.

I’m not the only one that thinks this – check out THIS article today in the Huffington Post.

I know some state leagues are launching their own campaigns and this particular campaign is getting attention. It might not be the kind of attention we want right now.

Forward this link to your CEO. Let’s get this going. The window of opportunity is closing!!!!

Thank you Deborah Eastman, Chief Marketing Officer at Satmetrix for the heads-up on the article.

Thank you to Franklin Oil Region Credit Union for giving me their last magnetic bumper sticker. My car wears it proudly!