img_0892Off Topic: I’m sick of cell phones. I know they are a necessary evil in this crazy world of ours but I also think they have become an excuse to be rude and ironically out of touch.

I saw this great speaker many years ago – and the title of her presentation was “Be here now.” Her point was, we are so distracted by what we have to do and where we have to be, that we don’t enjoy the here and now. You only get this moment once and if your nose is buried in your phone, you may miss a swan gliding on the water, or an amazing sunset, or the craziest hair you’ve ever seen, or your child’s smile.

So I challenge us all to “Be Here Now” for one day. Today.

Resist checking your emails while having lunch with a friend.
Set your phone to “stun” while listening to a speaker.
Don’t take a call when you’re in church.
Don’t text page “better people” while you’re out with other people.
If you need to talk to your friend while grocery shopping, pull over so I can get the cheese you’re standing in front of.
Oh, and if you need to take your cell phone on a hike, it better be for emergencies only. If I catch you babbling away and ruining my nature moment, I will crush it.

Be here now.

Thank you.