orpahfavoritethings-thumb-500x333Some people live for Oprah’s favorite things (give-away-lalapalooza). Mostly corporations hoping to “make the cut.”

I do admire the power of Oprah’s word. You get on her show – you’re set. She has built an enviable brand.

If I had my own show, here are my favorite things that I would like to give:

1. wheels on luggage. I would actually bring that guy I saw at the airport yesterday with his plaid Samsonite bag from the 60’s onto the stage and mount wheels on it for him.
2. David Sedaris singing commercial jingles in the voice of Billy Holiday.
3. salt air. (I would like to figure out how to bottle this)
4. bag-o-salad. (would be fun to throw).
5. tater tots. (I mean when’s the last time you had a good hot tot burn the roof of your mouth?