I met a guy in a bar in Oklahoma…..and he told me that he was starting a bank. A Red Neck Bank. He gave me his card, and I tucked it in my purse and ordered another round.

Today a dear friend (thanks Cheryl) forwarded me this website: http://www.redneckbank.com. Thought it might make a great blog post.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle – if that boy didn’t set hisself up some Red Neck Bank!

And here’s the best part:

They are soooo successful they’ve suspended account opening for now. And they tell you why – they want to give everyone a great experience!

Ballsy. Brilliant. Funner Banking.

NEW ADDITION: George Hofheimer had an excellent idea. A Hippie Credit Union.
And Tom Decker, would have to be the CEO. Do you agree?

snake-eyes1Reveal: Tom Decker, CUDE, National Program Director, Credit Union National Foundation (NCUF) CU Center for Social Impact Management, married to my sister Daedre (mother of my niece Leslie, who holds a Masters Degree in Special Ed. and is an angel on earth and mother to Jack and Mara two of the most beautiful people in the world.)