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Yesterday was an impossibly gorgeous day in Philadelphia. Why just Monday it was dark and gloomy and raining sideways and pedestrians were clutching their umbrellas not knowing that they had turned inside out.

As I was giving a presentation on brand at a credit union, angry protesters with a bull horn were screaming outside the window. Cops came, sirens blaring.

Oh, wait. They weren’t protesting ME! It was something about the government….

Anyway- and then about 2:00 yesterday afternoon the sun peaked out, and by 5:00 it was blinding. Pink blossoms appeared on the trees, children and puppies emerged from their caves, squinting at the giant orb in the sky. Everyone and everything seemed so beautiful – it was surreal.

And I thought – I GET why marketers put “shiny happy people” in their lobbies, on their brochures and website. They want life to look perfect – like the first day of Spring.

(Insert needle across the record album sound).

But it’s not like that – so cut it out! No, seriously. Two reasons to stop using stock photography of perfect people:

1. EVERYONE does it.
2. EVERYONE does it so you don’t look different. And that’s the point of brand – to differentiate.

Dig deep. What is your reputation? How did you come to be in business? What’s your purpose in society? Think less about your products and more about problems you can solve!

img_02411Okay – that’s all for now.
Enjoy Spring…I think it’s finally here!!!

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