Have you eve been accused of something you didn’t do? And there’s no real way to prove that you DIDN’T do it?

I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry. I don’t cry often, I’m usually a pretty perky person but last night I sobbed. It’s over. My relationship with Saturn is so over.

As many of you know, I have been fiercely loyal to my Saturns. From my first, the SC1 named Toonces, and to Cordelia, and Ruby, and Buttercup to my 2008 VUE, Sunkist. I name my cars. I love my Saturns. I actually used to look forward to taking my car in for oil changes. I used to get chocolates and flowers and my car washed.

Not anymore. Saturn of Smithtown is what car dealers are known for. Uncaring, looking for a way to get out of warranty service. They are everything Saturn tried NOT to be.

When I took my VUE in for an oil change last month. Not only did I get the car back dirty (no complimentary car wash, no little treats) BUT I also found out two days later I got my car back with a loose oil filter – thank god for the oil and check engine lights that came on right when I was coming off the interstate in Massachusetts. And thanks to Jon Reske from UMass Five College Credit Union for being my knight in shining armor and driving to an automotive store to get me oil so I could limp into the Springfield Saturn for a quick and painless oil fix!

But yesterday I took my car back to Saturn of Smithtown. I have a nasty leak somewhere in the passenger side. Thought it was coming from the engine. Turns out it’s in the seal of the windshield.

Tim calls me last night at 5:00 (after having my car since 7:30am) “So, when did you get your windshield replaced?” he asks. “What? I haven’t had my windshield replaced?”

My car has 7,200 miles on it. I would know if the windshield had been replaced.

Bottom line: They will not cover it under warranty because it does not have a “GM stamp” on the glass. They have basically accused me of lying. Trying to screw them out of warranty work. Wow.

So Tim at Saturn of Smithtown and his service manager decided they would not cover the repair. I didn’t even ask what it would cost to fix it. I’m done.

I posted on the Rip-Off Report blog this morning only to find another “rip off report” from the same dealership.

I guess my tears came not only from being accused of lying, but I think I had some pent up emotion from the move. New York is not the Northwest. So far I haven’t really missed Seattle or Portland – but something about the way I was treated. I guess it all just came flooding out.

I still don’t have my car – the XM radio stopped working AGAIN. We decided to leave a smaller carbon footprint in NY so it’s our only car. Oh, and the worse part, we don’t have any coffee in the house.

Saturn is gone – the economy sucks – it’s raining.

Thank God it’s Friday.

UPDATE (June 1st, 2009): Rochelle Petis, Executive Member Service of GM just called. She read about my problem and was determined to get to the bottom of it. Well…..in a much nicer and more detailed way, she basically said there was nothing they could do for me.

Today GM filed bankruptcy. I feel like America filed moral bankruptcy today. When are we going to learn? When is this disease of corporate greed going to be cured?

I cried on the phone to Ms Petis. I told her my sorrow came from the fact that I had hope that by treating people well (my Saturn love of gifts and cheers and tchotchkes) and being honest (not dickering on the sticker but pricing cars fairly) would result in success. That companies would learn that they don’t have to screw people over to make money. That loyalty has its rewards.

GM should fail. Big banks should fail. Too big to fail is killing us. Sure, there’s going to be lots of pain and suffering, but if we don’t rip off this band-aid, we’ll never heal.