IMG_1002To whom it may concern:


My friend Shari Storm twittered the beginning of that famous Crosby, Stills and Nash song this morning. And it got me thinking.


I used to hear a song on the radio. Think, oh man I have to buy that album. Next time I go to the record store, I’ll look for it. Whenever I entered said record store (my all time favorite was Music Millenium in Portland, Oregon – I can still smell it) anyway, whatever music was playing would distract me and I’d forget why I was in there. So I’d wander around and eventually buy something. Fumbling with the tightly bound cellophane in my car, then trying to slice of that one annoying sticker so I could finally free the disc. Pop it in, and off we go. 


Now I’m hearing a song in a bar, grab my iPhone, click on Shazam, identify it, buy it (for a buck) In a bar.


Traveling twice the speed of sound…..


I used to read a book review in say People magazine, clip it out, stash it in my purse until I went to the book store. Hopefully remembered it was there, look for the book (hope it’s in stock) and carry it home.


Now I’m talking to a stranger in a bar, she sees my Kindle, says “Oh man, I just finished this great book, you should get it.” Flick on the book, over to and blammo, I got it (and it’s 10 bucks off the print price). 


I’m at a credit union inquiring about opening up a business checking account. It’ll take a week to ten days to get my debit card, and checks. Mobile banking. They’re thinking about doing that. 


It’s easy to get burned…….