IMG_1129On Friday I took my nephew Tim (aka Tim Bob of the Northwest) to New York City. It was his first trip to the Big Apple. We had no real plans. After asking many of my friends, some locals and doing research, I was a bit overwhelmed with the options. The night before I asked my nephew what he’d like to see. He said, “Aunt Denise, I’m here to see you, so let’s just see where the day takes us.” 

And so we did. 

The highlight of our day, could not have been planned. It’s an experiment of sorts and that total serendipitous moment you live for. We got off the LIRR and walked to Times Square. It’s currently closed to traffic and the mayor decided to place lawn chairs in the street. Cheap ass K-Mart type lawn chairs. Grouped by colors. So you have the blue section, the red section, and so on. That was Timmy’s first impression of New York. People sitting in the infamous Times Square, watching the world go by, in a lawn chair.

We grabbed some street chow and joined them. 

I heart NY.  IMG_1139

Summer’s finally here – grab a lawn chair!