Many people ask me about my flying pig logo.

What does it mean? Why did I choose it?

It does not mean “when pigs fly” as in “when hell freezes over” aka the impossible.

In fact, I adopted the flying pig as my logo to mean the exact opposite. Question everything. Why CAN’T pigs fly? We are only limited by our imagination. 

flyingpigToday I received this pig in an email message from my dear friend Gene Blishen. Gene’s a super smart guy and someone I greatly admire. The fact that he thought of me, remembered my logo and sent me this pig made me realize that I have become branded. 

Brand is NOT your logo – it’s what it stands for. 

Thanks Gene – you made my day!

I’d say Happy 4th of July but I doubt Canadians care about our day of fireworks, cook-outs and general drunkenness.