slide.001That’s how many people are attending the Southwest CUNA Management School this year*. A three year management program on the campus of Texas Christian University

Last night my dear friend Janine McBee, Director of the school, invited me to Tweet with her class in a first-ever-loosely-based-on-BarCampBank-iProxy-Twitter event. Or as she put it in her email to me:

The gate has been left open and the animals have escaped. No turning back. Goal is to mix up expertise, geography, asset size and help facilitate students learning from each other.

Who would have thought that I’d be leading a charge to help build the business case for social media?

And so we did – in 140 characters or less. Contributed from Washington D.C. to L.A. to NYC! It was great – I even participated on my iPhone in my car! 

I applaud Janine’s courage! There’s not dipping her toe in the social media water. Dabbling is death – sometimes you just gotta jump in the pool and make a big gigantic splash. And she sure did! (Check out the #SCMS on Twitter!)

*I’m not sure exactly how many “characters/people” are attending this year, but it made for good copy. They DO limit their classes to 50 people for maximum interaction though so my math may be close.