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I’m not sleeping well. I realized this morning that I have lots of ideas simmering around in my head and they fight with each other when I close my eyes. So I’m going to leave them here. And hopefully you can fight with them and I can get some shut eye. 

  1. The notion of a social media campaign. When I hear someone say these words together in this order it feels like “Let’s direct mail our blog!” It’s an oxymoron like Bank of America Customer Service. It’s just stupid and wrong and maddening. 
  2. Twitter. I used to love it. When people would ask me why I Twitter I’d tell them that it’s like my water cooler. I’m self employed so if I’m not on the road I’m working alone in my home office. I miss the occasional “Hey, have you heard the new DMB album?” banter at the water cooler. Now I hate Twitter. Cuz I have a hard time saying “No.” And I’ve added all these people to my conversation that don’t understand IMHO what Twitter is all about. There’s this annoying guy that Tweets a minimum of five times in a row about 10 times a day. No one wants to run into that guy in the lunch room. Gnome sayin?  And then there’s the gal that says things that are not relevant at all – like “Check out our convenient ATM locations!” Yikes! or the bank that opens up every morning with “Hi, we’re here to help you.” duh….. I think we should have a Twitter Code of Conduct and if you cannot follow it you will be labeled and virtually flogged. Oh, and some of my Twitter pals, god love ya, I think you’re great. But sometimes everyone standing around the water cooler doesn’t need to pay attention to your conversation with just one person. Take it outside. That’s what the direct message Twitter button is there for. Whew. I’m sorry I know that was harsh it’s just that I miss the old Tweet days when I would flip it on and get a chuckle from a Chaztoo potty training study or a CU Warrior declaration or an itsjustbrent “this picture needs a caption” contest. Now I have to wade through pages and pages of blather…..I did “unfollow” a ton of people yesterday but my Catholic guilt set in and I re-followed some. I need help. Tweets.001
  3. JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Campaign. It’s right there for everyone to see. The art and science of social media. It’s an organic conversation that you cannot and should not control. Ever. I love that their actual campaign was thwarted because of Twitter. What lessons can we learn from this? Will we learn the lessons or will we call this a Social Media Campaign and try to R & D it? Rip off and duplicate!

Happy Labor Day week-end y’all.

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