I’m going to Hinckley Minnesota on Sunday. 

I tried to book my hotel room online but apparently their reservation system hates MACs. So I called their 800 number. 

It went down like this:

Gertrude: Reservations.

Me: I’d like to make a reservation for the evening of October 11th.

G: You gotta coupon?

Me: No ma’am.

G: Why not?

Me: I’m just there for one night, to speak for a credit union.

G: Oh. You smoke?

Me: Nope.

G: One or two beds?

Me: One please.

G: You bringin’ anybody with you?

Me: No ma’am.

G: Didn’t think so. You gonna be here by 6:00?

Me: Um, no actually I won’t be in till after 10pm. Is that okay?

G: Chuckles. We’re a casino, someone will be up. That’s for sure. But I need a credit card if you’re not gonna be here by 6:00.

Me: 3739 609 *** ***** (for security reasons)

G: When you get here, park your car and go to customer service and get yourself a coupon. It’s free and it’ll save you 5 bucks on your room. Right now the rate is $54.00 a night, but we can get you in for $49.00 with that coupon. Okay?

Me: Yes ma’am. I’ll see you on Sunday.

G: Chuckles again. Good bye.

I have no idea if this casino is trying to build a sales and service culture. But G nailed it. She genuinely cared, albeit in an abrupt way. She was authentic. I loved it. 

You can’t teach caring. You either do or you don’t.