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04_full_colour_on_black_taglineAt 5:30 pm (Pacific time) on October 24th, 2009 A.D. people from all over the world will be dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I will be one of those people. Why? Because folks dig a common bond. 

(Just two days back in the Northwest and I’m talking like a hippie again) 

Anyway – my crazy friend Sarah Bang is always looking for events to bring people together. She gets the power of common bond. In June of this year I flew from New York to Portland to see her march in the Rose Festival Starlight parade as the Lacamas Shores Umbrella Drill Team. 

And now she’s convinced a dozen of her friends to practice, practice, practice so we can be a part of history. 

This morning Mark and I walked through our new neighborhood in Camas, Washington. The entire city is home to only 16, 700 people. That would be a small credit union population. In just three miles I walked through three different neighborhoods. I know this because there were signs posted at the entrance to each unique section. We will be living in the East Prune Hill neighborhood in case you were wondering. It’s quite lovely. 

This got me thinking about the most basic human need – a sense of belonging. 

It starts with your family, of course. But sometimes that isn’t enough. And so throughout life we create micro families. Whether it’s taking up the clarinet to march in the band or painting your body orange and black and cheering on the OSU Beavers, or congregating on Sunday at All Saints Church. We thrive on common bond. I’ve kept my account at Point West CU for 8 years and three out-of-state moves. Why? First, I love the CEO and my MSR Randy, but secondly, my VISA Debit Card has a photo of Portland, Oregon (my home town). Every time I use that card I’m reminded that I belong to some place.  

30448 USA WA Camas JP Brooks 0 (111)I’m so excited to be moving “back home” and honored to celebrate a common bond with a dozen middle aged professionals by dressing up as a zombie.

For no mere mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller….

Mwaahh Haaaahhh Haaaahhhh Haaaahhhh……

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