IS098R9AVIt happened again.

I had to be a member yesterday. Not an employee with my account where I work. That was fun.

Being a member – not so much. I think I cracked the code yesterday though.

Check it out.

Marketing’s job – to make things pretty, even when we have to use legal stuff on our pretty (which is why God gave us the 4 pt. font)

Operation’s job – to create forms that are compliant so we know what to put in the computer.

Loan officer’s job – to fill out those forms and put the stuff in the computer.

IT’s job – to make sure the stuff that goes in the computer is safe and secure.

I don’t mean for any of this to sound negative. I think everyone did their job yesterday. My only complaint is – it was so clinical feeling. Kind of like going to the doctor. Thank you for not weighing me, btw.

So whose job is it to be the member? To be the filter for all of these silos and make sure the delivery of your real product – service – is something I want to recommend to my friends and family and co-workers?