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Which is kind of funny when you think about it – I’m blogging about the death of television advertising and then I interrupt it – like a commercial – get it?……….okay.

The CU Water Cooler goes live this morning. It promises to be the one source for all credit union news that goes beyond who’s suing who. It’s meant to inspire, enlighten, engage and delight.

It is the brainchild of the CU Warrior – aka Matt Davis – who is now a partner with the Filene Research Institute.

There are 12 contributors to the cooler. It means these 12 people hang out all day in the lunch room and talk about cool, funny, edgy, zen-like things. Imagine if you could wander in on a conversation with:

WilliamI’m gonna Change Everything – for the better – ┬áin Canada Azaroff

GeneTinfoiling, CU BuddhaBlishen (another Canadian)

MattBang Bang I am the WarriorDavis

Steve I’ve only met you once but you’re a cool dude from the FoundationDelfin

Brent I designed Denise’s logo and shamed her into getting hip in social mediaDixon

Tim are you kidding me? if you don’t know about Currency Marketing’s impact on CU marketing – he’s a GOD – and a CanadianMcAlpine

Christopherthe coolest person at CUNA and the best dad in the worldMorris

Kelleybrings joy, weirdness, rubber chickens and insight to every blog and bar she steps intoParks

Morrissthe Everything CU – say his name like you’re in the hood Par-TEE Partee

Christopher the MBA toting, vodka drinking, skittles munching cool CUES dudeStevenson

Dougthe True Story, real deal, collaborator extraordinaireTrue

and me! (Wymore – always at the end of the line alphabetically, unless we get a Zimmerman in the group)

I’m honored to be in this group – and in our little way we hope to show credit union people what social media is all about – being social! Talking. Networking. Kibitzing. Debating.

Lots of budgets are tight this year – many conferences were scaled back to webinars or cancelled completely. This site could be the perpetual hospitality suite. Is that water in that cooler?

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