When I was a kid we gathered around the TV faithfully to watch the Waltons. That’s where I first learned that before television, kids sat on the floor and stared at the radio. And during that one hour radio show, there were commercials. That’s when John Boy could get up and pee.

I know that many credit unions still create radio ads – especially in smaller markets where it’s super cheap to broadcast. And I know that in some parts of the world – there probably are a lot of radio listeners.

But for the tech savvy Gen Yers in America- it’s Pandora on their iPhone plugged into the auxiliary jack in their car. The greatest invention since the cup holder (and shredded cheese in a bag) is the iPod jack. I can avoid those annoying radio ads and control my music. The irony? I just bought a radio with an iPod jack. What the What?

A dear friend of mine sent me this link last week Traditional Marketing Isn’t Dead Just Yet…..in the article they try to motivate you to keep on investing in old marketing with this statement:

Traditional (or disruptive) marketing still has tremendous reach. Instead of targeting small communities on the web, traditional marketing reaches a broad audience.

Wow. If that isn’t a glowing endorsement for social media – I don’t know what is.

If your goal is to attract a younger audience, radio is not the way – I don’t care what your media buyer says – it’s their job to spew stats. I guess I’ve always had a problem with the math of a media buy. Sure, the Top-20 station’s typical target is the coveted 16-24 year market – BUT – do they listen? Do they care? Will they buy what you have to sell?

RIP Radio ad. You were fun to write, produce and hear in my car, but it’s time to go.