This wasn’t originally planned for my 5 part series, but a Tweet from @jillnow got me thinking about another budget-sucker that we need to question. The Yellow Pages Ad.

Her tweet: Thinking about making a move to cut yellow pages ads. Help me out: when did you last use the phone book to find a loan? Or, well, anything?

Great question.

Here are some of the great responses:

@jrwlay, aka @cuswag: um….last time i used a phone book was when i was 8 so that i could see over the dash of the cesna plane i was flying. i am 28 now.

@morrischris: good call on the yellow pages. Money might be better spent on SEO and/or Pay-per-click ad efforts online.

@SonyaJMills: our phone books go directly to the recycling station….@morrischris is right on the $ IMO

@MKHostetler: Google is the new Yellow Pages.

@jimmymarks: I used a phone book when I was trying to kill a hornet once. YANK THAT YELLOW BUGGER OUTTA YER BUGET!

This is also a great example of the value of Twitter. Real time conversation.

Update that same day from @jillnow: Thanks for the phone book feedback! That’s $13K I can redistribute to something more fun (and effective).


RIP Yellow Pages Ad…..