“Most marketing programs are based on the fear that the market might see what’s really going on inside the company.” – The Cluetrain Manifesto

Being involved in the social media arena – for me – is like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes I’ll look up at it while standing in line and think – nope – not gonna do it. But then people encourage me that everything will be fine and I get on. There are all kinds of ups and downs and twists and turns, feeling out of control, and times you just wanna scream. But when you go back to the safety of the platform, you think “Again!”

We are no longer in control of the conversation. That’s probably the scariest thing of all.

Our markets are getting smarter, faster. The CU Watercooler is the place to catch up on all the scuttlebutt. It’s a great way to understand the power of this new communication tool – social media. CU at the Watercooler!