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Monday, March 8th

10:00am PST – Liquid Lunch presents: I’ll be hosting First Impressions with Lydia Johnson, Rob Rutkowski and Thomas Bowen.

Thomas Bowen, Money One FCU…a little bit about him.

“If asked why I love marketing, I would have to say because I can still sing jingles from 1970’s commercials…my mother is so proud.”  Thomas considers himself the rebel child of the credit unions that he has worked for in his 16 years in the industry.  The Filene Research Institution is still standing after his tenure with i3 from 2006 – 2008.  He currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland with his partner of three years, Jay, and his music collection of 36 years.  Thomas works for Money One Federal Credit Union in Largo, Maryland.  His dream job:  Johnny Weir’s costume designer.  His favorite crayon is Cerulean Blue by Crayola.”

Lydia Johnson, a little bit about her….

Lydia is another briliant Can-adian (not Can’t-adian) with over 32 years of banking experience, including VP Sales and Service at Vancity – Canada’s largest credit union. Recently Lydia launched her own consulting business and is publishing her first book: The Jalapeno Handshake. Oh yes, we’ll be talking about that title.

Rob Rutkowski, Lawyer, Blogger, Painter, Renaissance Man…a little about him.

From his twitpic bio: Credit union lawyer, speaker and geek who likes art.

We’re going to shake things up. Don’t let the lawyer fool you – this is going to be a show you won’t want to miss.

It’s my birthday on Monday so if you tune in I’ll consider it your gift to me. That will save you a trip to the mall. Think about it.

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