I began my week with a bit of a scare. Some horrible rash attacked my entire face! It came on quite suddenly and with my history of allergies, asthma and related wheez-doggedness, it freaked me out. I went to the dermo who promptly punched me in the face and said we gotta send this to the lab.

Results came back – it’s official. I have atopic dermatitis. An allergy symptom of sorts that has robbed my skin of its youthful luster. Or put another way – I am now the girl with the ruddy complexion. We’re treating it with drugs and lotions and potions, but it’s with me for life. And guess what triggers it? Stress. Oh, that’s a relief.

Being a public speaker and consultant, this gave me pause. I mean, people shouldn’t judge you by the color of your skin (mine is a bright red and bumpy at the moment) but let’s face it, sometimes they do.

Luckily this week I was also fortunate enough to be a guest on not one, but two blog talk radio shows. The Liquid Lunch and Current Issues in Credit Unions. I have a face for radio now, so this made me quite happy. I also realize I have the face of a writer. I mean, let’s face it – get it – many writers never show their mug. I’m going to be the JD Salinger of the blog-o-sphere. Seriously. If you need a good writer for your blog – call me. I can write more than one.

And finally this week ended my long term, sometimes dysfunctional relationship with Saturn. As many of you know, I have been crazy in love with the Saturn brand since the beginning. I purchased five of them over the years. I named them Buttercup, Toonces, Goldie, Rosie and finally Sunkist. But GM killed the company and I’m left with a bitter feeling. So I called my local Saturn dealer upon hearing of their impending closure and basically said “Hey guys, why not do me a solid and buy this car from me so we can part as friends.”

They did just that. I drove to Vancouver Saturn, left my car and a copy of my first book, Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand. Saturn was Chapter 4 on my list of tattoo-worthy brands. On the inside cover I simply scribed:

“To my friends at Saturn. Thanks for a great ride.”