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Recently I’ve been lamenting how hard it is being a grown up. Being a responsible, lawn mowing, car washing, tax paying, registered voter, insured motorist, credit worthy, law abiding citizen is a drag.

I long for the days when the most complicated decision was what kind of pizza topping you and your friends could agree on.

So last night our friend Loretta came by. Originally for cocktail hour. But after a fabulous Ketel One martini we decided we needed to order pizza. Delivery pizza because we’d been drinking. Now that we are adults with disposable income and sophisticated palettes, we had no idea who delivered. Mark suggested I Google it. ¬†Two popped up. Domino’s (of course) and some local place called Bellagios.

It’s been so long since I’ve done this I had no idea that you can now order online! We loved it. We decided to go with Bellagio. Thinking globally and acting locally and all.

Their website was gorgeous and pretty easy to navigate, I entered my debit card number…done. They said I would get an email confirmation. Oh, and if I didn’t I had to call. What? That defeats the purpose of the online order. So we waited….while starting our second batch of martinis and queueing up the TiVo’d 30 Rock from Thursday night. No email. Dang.

We’ll go Domino’s then. Okay – their website kicks Bellagio’s crust. Not only does Domino’s tell you right then and there that you are good as gold, it has a pizza tracker. It shows you when it is being prepped, baked, quality checked and when the driver has left the building. And it was scary accurate.

In less than 30 minutes we had a piping hot pepperoni on our porch. Domino’s wins! And it wasn’t as bad as I remember.

But wait, just as we were mopping up the grease from the first piece, here comes the Bellagio car. And this is how we know we’re old responsible people. We felt like we should hide the Domino’s box. There was a moment of panic and nervous laughter, so I grabbed too much tip money and meet her on the porch. Guilt money.

Friday Night Pizza Wars Scorecard: Using the Net Promoter Score (of course) question:

On a scale of 0 – 10, How likely am I to recommend Domino’s to a friend, family member or colleague?

I’d give it a 9.


The website was so easy, the pizza came when promised, it was cheap and it did the job.

How likely am I to recommend Bellagios? The pizza was better, but the process was confusing. The pizza cost $7.00 more than Dominos – so you have to ask if it was $7.00 better. Not really. I’d give it a 5 for overall experience.

It’s Saturday morning and I have tons of leftover pizza in my fridge, all individually wrapped for freshness, pizza boxes properly placed in the recycle bin. I’m such an adult. Sigh……..

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