It’s no secret. CFOs and Marketers are know to butt heads over budget. Why is this? Because they are not speaking the same language. Here’s a great example.

What a Marketer says: “I need to increase my marketing budget by 25% this year.”

What a CFO hears: “I need to ruin your ROA projection for 2010.”

Speaking CFO is essential to the success of marketing, especially in these tough economic times. On Monday, May 17th, at 10am PST the Liquid Lunch will feature two amazing CFOs. Two guys that get it because they have fully functioning right brains and left brains.

Kelley Parks, creator of gira{ph} will be the host, as George Kite, CFO of Call Federal CU and Mark Sadowski, CFO of LaCamas Community CU share their secrets to charts & graphs and unlock the mysteries of ROA.

You won’t want to miss it.