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I have big news.

After 10 years of self-employment as a credit union culture consultant and only 3 weeks shy of the 30th anniversary of my first day in credit unions, I am excited to announce that I have accepted the position of Vice President, Association Services for the Credit Union Association of New Mexico!

This has been a dream of mine for years – to live and work in the Land of Enchantment.

I first visited Santa Fe, New Mexico 20 years ago and I fell in love. Of all the places I’ve lived, visited, frequented in the US – this is the only place I feel homesick when I leave.

I knew I had to live there – eventually.

Two weeks ago I heard that Brent Dixon was speaking at their Annual Meeting. As I was cruising around their beautiful newly designed website, I saw that the VP Association Services position was open.

As I was reading the job description, I knew, this was the job for me. Working for the trade association in the State I love with credit unions during the toughest economic times in years. So I threw my hat in the ring.

And then the day I interviewed it was announced that Bill Cheney was the be the new CUNA CEO.  I’m so excited for the future of credit unions. It was meant to be.

The best part about this move – I technically don’t have to move. Mark and I bought a second home in Cochiti Lake, NM 2 1/2 years ago. Mark loves his job at LaCamas Community Credit Union and my family is in Portland so of course we’re keeping our house there. We have the best of both worlds now and we’re no strangers to the long distance commuter relationship.

The day before my interview I was walking around The Plaza in Santa Fe. I came upon a guy selling desert sage he picked on the banks of the Rio Grande. He asked where I was visiting from (I must’ve looked like a tourist). I told him quite proudly that I had a home in Cochiti Lake, and okay, I am visiting from our other home in Portland, Oregon. He smiled, put his hand on his heart and said “Oh, you are twice blessed.”

Yes I am.

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