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Yesterday I was in the O’Hare Airport. I used the restroom. As I was leaving I came upon this sign with accompanying phone.

I got to thinking about best practices and bathrooms.

# 1 : Tom Peters says in his 100 Way to Succeed and Make Money top of the list best practice – is clean. As in, there’s no excuse whatsoever for sloppiness, unitidiness, less than s-p-a-r-k-l-i-n-g restrooms. And that applies to lobbies, offices, etc.

#2 – Protecto toilet seat covers. Midwesterners, I love ya. But why don’t you have these? I have to make my own, which never quite works out like I want and those auto flushers mistake the movement  for “being done” and – whooosh – all my hard work – gone.

#3 – The “wave your hand in front of it” towel dispenser. Swine flu brought us signage on the proper way to wash hands – like a surgeon would  – and then you have to grab onto some skanky handle and crank away for a towel? Nope. Good on ya whoever invented the auto towel.

#4 – The Purell dispenser on your way out – as an extra coating of clean.

Those are the basics. But where’s the wow?

#1 – Fresh flowers. Cuz let’s face it, what would you rather smell?

#2 – On your honor tampon basket. I was in a restaurant restroom once that made these things look like art.

#3 – Full length mirror on your way out that makes you look thin.

What are you bathroom best practices? Wait, that sounded weird.

For all those folks that were so nice to ask if I was going to continue blogging….here’s your answer. Of course I will – but a little less industry specific and a little more “Things that make you say…Hmmmmmmm.”

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