Don’t judge me but I love Dancing With the Stars.  I’m not sure if it’s the discipline, the diversity of dancers or the dance moves, but I can’t get enough of it. So tonight, as I watch the three hour season finale’ I’m trying to find meaning. What can we glean from this show? I’m never gonna get these hours back, so what are the lessons learned?

Here goes:

1. If you have a bad reputation, people won’t vote for you. It’s that simple. Even if you can sort of dance, nobody can forget your past.

2. If you’re an icon (astronaut), and you’ve done something significant, no matter how many years ago that was-  you’re allowed to stay too long. We will honor you.

3. If you put yourself out there, and are genuine, work hard, and super nice. You’ll gain a ton of votes, respect, and stay on the show for a long time.

4. Sex sells. Period.

5. But in the end – dancers make the best dancers.