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I’m back at the trade association and yesterday was the kick-off of our Annual Meeting at the Buffalo Thunder Resort in Santa Fe. Last night  vendor dinner. And you know what that means – tcotchkes and door prizes.  I have CUANM booth duty this morning, we’re giving out these gorgeous beach bags to carry the loot.

Some things never change and for that I’m grateful.

I’ve always felt that vendors were there more as a thank-you to their clients than to “close the deal.” I mean, who’s going to review a contract with a wine glass in one hand, your cool pen in the other and the band playing The Girl From Ipanema in the background. Vendor duty is keeping the love alive – like in any relationship, whether you’re in the early wooing stages or you’ve been together a long time, they need to know you still care.

So if that means buying them the “office in a box” and slapping your logo on it – it’s all good.

CUSN wins, in my opinion for best giveaway. It is literally an office in a box – tiny stapler, hole punch, tape dispenser, staple remover, and highlighter. Elves had to have made this thing and I love it!

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