I love that question, and have used it many times in the afternoon of strategic planning sessions. It’s after lunch, you can see the finish line. But before we leave we actually have to set goals. Commit to some action. Dare to dream.

In my new position at the CU Association of New Mexico I find myself in the position of having to practice what I preach. I’ll admit, it’s a bit daunting.

It’s easier to just do what’s always been done. Keep things going. Don’t rock the boat as it were. That way the chances you’ll make a mistake – or get noticed – are really slim.

But life’s too short, and since I’ve committed my life to the cause that is the credit union, I’m gonna go for it.

Next week I begin a road trip. The goal – to visit every credit union in New Mexico. I have a map, a mission and a mantra….oh, and some social media tools I’m going to sharpen.

Stay tuned.