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WARNING: This post is kind of sappy but it comes from the heart.

Last week-end I went home. To Portland, Oregon. My mentor and my dear friend, invited me to her house to listen to Michael Allen Harrison perform live on the Steinway she bought from Frank Cady. How often do you get to sit with Mr. Drucker and enjoy one of the finest pianists in Oregon in someone’s living room!

Michael surprised us by bringing along his 18 year old stepson Tanner Johnson on violin. He’s been playing since he was 4 years old, looked every bit of 12 and when he began to play – it was like butter – an amazing experience. One of those “perfect moments.” Before you read any more, seriously click on this link to CD Baby and listen to track number two. I’ll wait.

Maybe it’s the title, “Journey Home” but it got me a little verklempt.

It’s no secret, I love credit unions. They are my family. Last week I celebrated my 30th anniversary with them. For those of you that don’t know how old I am, well, you’ll just have to know I’m older than 30.

Sarah, the host of the party, was my boss years ago. Were it not for her constant pushing, coaching and declaring that if I would just ACT like the expert, I will become one, I could not have possibly landed the job of VP Association Services for the New Mexico Association.

And so the next day I made the journey home to Cochiti Lake. I plan to retire there with my sweetie Mark.

As Tanner and Michael played that last note together I gave thanks for all I’ve been given and pledged to use the rest of my days to give as much back.

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