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I bought some tampons last week. I know. TMI, right? But wait. I have a point. Instead of buying my usual brand, I picked up this black box of U by Kotex tampons. Each item was wrapped in a different color paper. They were, dare I say, cute. Someone at Kotex has a sense of humor. Someone decided to have some fun. I just googled this brand and the top hit took me to this ad on YouTube. A mere 437,912 people have viewed it so far.

This is a super old brand appealing to the next generation. My poor mother had to wear the belt. Yes, a belt that held a pillow sized pad in place. Yikes. Then my generation thankfully added the adhesive tape – and the “wings.” The tampon hasn’t changed much since the Toxic Shock Syndrome scare. But the packaging can. Nice job Kotex.

Coke is a crazy old brand that is “new” again. Coke zero was added to eliminate the word “diet.” There is a slight change in the flavor because it contains half the aspartame of Diet Coke and more acesulfame potassium.  Oh, it’s true, and the youngsters love it! It’s THEIR brand. Not yours.

How about the Cube? That’s Gen Y’s Pacer. Ugly is hip – again.

Now the challenge is how to take the old tired brand of Credit Union and make it new again – one that will appeal to the next generation member. I think Young & Free has done just that. The brilliance of taking an old product – a checking account – wrapped in a package of social media tools and new ownership is unparalleled. But beyond that – what else is working?

Where’s our colored tampon wrapper? Our new recipe for sugar free soda? Our ugly car?

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