It’s summer. All of my favorite shows are in reruns. And so I find myself watching So You Think You Can Dance. If you’ve never experienced it – let me just say it’s the opposite of a freak show. Unlike American Idol auditions and America’s Got Talent (whatever that is about), these kids are seriously gifted artists. That’s what makes the show so intense.

Each week they are called upon by seasoned professionals to do the impossible. Learn and then publicly perform an amazingly difficult routine. Then they are  judged and declared “safe” to move on to another grueling week, or relegated to the bottom three where they have to do an impromptu dance off. FInally one of them is sent home or fired. It’s insane.

And so it got me thinking about our mission. Not for profit, not for charity, but for service. That’s it. We don’t have to do one of those impossible cartwheels where you don’t even put your hands down but rather rely on gravity and momentum to propel your body over while you subject your head to a hovering anchor. Nope. We just ask that you do what you promised. Return phone calls. Answer questions accurately. Pay attention. Care.

Can you imagine at the end of each work day that you are subjected to a video account of all of your moves?  In slow motion. Your mistakes. Your missteps. And there are judges that point out things like “Okay, and here’s where you let your phone ring….and ring…and you don’t pick it up.” Or “I don’t see you connecting with your audience – making eye contact. Your members don’t feel welcome.”

In this economy we need to step it up people. So you think you can out-serve the banks? Show me why you’re safe.