I was just on iTunes getting my Glee soundtrack fix when I came upon this review, written by a 16 year-old:

“Obviously the original “Don’t Stop Believin'” can never be topped, but that’s not the point of this song. The point of this song, and of the show Glee, is to reinvent old classics for a younger audience, which is a good thing because then people in my generation can be exposed to really great music they otherwise wouldn’t know.”

It got me thinking about our Crasher friends and their latest adventure. You remember those kids that Crashed the GAC? Well, they’re back at it again, only this time in Vegas. And stuff is going to happen.

They are reinventing old classics for a younger audience. They have hijacked the credit union brand. And it makes my heart sing.

BRAND HIJACKING: is about allowing consumers (and other stakeholders) to shape brand meaning and endorse the brand to others. Its a way to establish true loyalty, as opposed to mere retention. We’re not just talking about creating hype here. We’re talking about a new template of going to market. We’re talking about a complex orchestration of many carefully though-out activities. And above all else, we’re talking about being willing to collaborate with a group of people you’re not used to collaborating with: Gen Y.