Gawd – it’s three weeks until the elections and I personally cannot WAIT for these political ads to stop. It’s a bizarre piece of marketing when you think about it. Because political marketing is never FOR their politician, it’s always AGAINST the competition. If a credit union were to take this tactic (and they never would) the ads would go a little somethin’ like this:

Opening scene: (black background, sinister piano riff, akin to the Exorcist) A picture of the main branch of Anywhere CU appears….

Voiceover: Anywhere CU hates children. In fact, the average age of this financial co-op is 52.

(Montage of pics of old members begin to wipe in and out of view)

Voiceover: Their membership continues to vote for board members that have served for over 25 years – ensuring that Gen Y will never be represented.

In very small print at the bottom of the screen a disclaimer: SOURCE: Annual Meeting Minutes of Anywhere CU 2010.

Voiceover: Anywhere CU has a 28% approval ratio for consumer loans and their loan-to-share ratio is 52% and declining. They approved a policy that requires A+ credit and 10 years on the job securing a loan portfolio aimed at Boomers.

Anywhere CU hates youth.

(Very fast talker ends commercial) The views expressed in this ad are not approved by the NCUA or CUNA which is a crazy ass anagram when you think about it.

Fade to black.