On the way home last night NPR was taking a look BACK to the year 2000. Beginning with Conan O’Brien’s hilariously eery song “in the year 2000……”

Wow – it’s amazing how many of those came true!

So now – a look to the future. To the year two thousand……twenty.

  • Reality shows will have “jumped the shark” when The Real Househusbands of Detroit take on Dancing with Snakes and it goes horribly awry.
  • Automobiles run on charm – abandoned vehicles litter the streets and highways – Generation Y turns then into condos and forms communes.
  • Steve Jobs introduces the iEye. It’s like a contact lens and allows you to watch movies, check iMail, your Facepad and work for TSA.
  • Starbucks dispenses marijuana brownies in the first month after legalization of the weed. Sales soar.

What might be your predictions for the year two thousand….twenty?