No one is wearing shoes like this to hike the hill - unless they're from Oregon!

Today is the day we hike the hill. After three days of walking around in high heels, our toes mashed, bunyons forming, hobbled crippled masses. Okay – it’s not that bad, it’s just WHAT WAS I THINKING not bringing good walking shoes? I went to Filene’s Basement yesterday and got a pair of granny/nun shoes. I have no shame. My feet are killing me.

I have to admit it – I’ve never had more fun at a convention than I am at this, my first-ever, GAC. And I’ve been to a TON of conventions. Here’s why I think I’m diggin’ this one the most.

1. Everyone is here. It’s been so fun to see folks that I worked for, consulted with, blogged about, dated, married – my 30 year career is sitting in one giant room. It’s like a party for me!

2. The Crashers – They are a legitimate movement within the movement. Recognized this morning at the opening session by Gigi Hyland and Mark Meyer.  The aging membership is mirrored in our management. That huge generation called Boomers still pretty much runs the show. Poor Gen X was so small they didn’t matter or get much recognition. But now as Boomers age – and we have a mass retirement of leaders in the next five years it’s essential we pass the torch. We are so fortunate to have this group of young professionals CRASH our party to get our attention. They are the future of financial cooperatives.

3. The entertainment. When I saw that Three Dog Night and The Fab Four were performing Sunday and Tuesday nights respectively, I did a little eye roll. My bad. It was so fun to dance and sing and drink and wave our zippo lighter apps on our iPhones in support of these musicians. There’s nothing like music to bring people together.

4. Washington DC. You can feel the power here. The history. The potential. Sure – the economy sucks and I’m not thrilled with our commander in chief – but I respect the system. I’m going to do my part today to educate our leaders about credit unions. I’m only one voice, but I matter.

5. The crazy ass weather. We went from record highs (in the low 70s) to a tornado watch and driving rain to blue sky and cold. And that’s just today! The weather is a symbol of our economy – it’s changing hourly. The metaphor is not lost on me.

6. The logistics. As a meeting planner for CUANM I know first hand the excruciating attention to detail necessary to pull off an event and CUNA gets two snaps up!  I’m sure it was probably crazy town behind the scenes but from the audience perspective – way to go!

Last day to lobby – last night to partay!