Mark and I adopted a 7 week old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix today. I had a “dog child” before – my beloved Miss Mavis. But she was from a previous marriage – and although Mark was an excellent stepfather – this feels so different. This is our dog.

We never had real children, so this is as close as we’ll get. I can only imagine that some of these things are similar. Like last night at PetSmart – I spent….a lot…..cuz he needed everything! Car seat, crib, diapers (puppy potty training pads) food, toys, bathing accessories. People should get “puppy showers” just like baby showers I’m thinking.

I also had this nervous feeling last night – my life will be forever changed. No more passing out on the couch with empty wine bottles on the floor. I’ll have to pick them up so the puppy doesn’t get hurt batting around the room. No more rolling over and hitting the snooze button – that boy will have to go out and pee!

When I told my friends, family and co-workers that we named him Dexter several protested. “What a horrible name! Isn’t that the name of a serial killer?” Yes – but a GOOD serial killer, I pointed out. I had a friend who wisely told no one what she planned to name her child. No matter what name you pick there’s always someone who had an ex or creepy schoolmate or relative with “that name.”

Today he arrived. He’s still a baby so he kind of sleeps, eats and poops and pees – and plays a little bit. He HATED the car seat and screamed like a banshee when i put him in it. I’m a bad mom, I took him out and let him sit in my lap – while I was driving! I went all Britney Spears!

My friends are giving me puppy raising advice. Be tough – don’t give in – let him cry! I can’t. I would’ve been a terrible mother.

So world – look forward to the many adventures of Dexter Wymore-Sadowski.