Raise your hand if you woke up at 4am ET this morning? Or in my case 2am MT?

I was getting my hair cut yesterday and Lea, my lovely (and very young) hairdresser asked me if I planned to watch the royal wedding. I told her of course I would – I watched Diana’s wedding, and funeral, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Lea’s response “How old ARE you?” Indeed.

30 years ago I was 19. I hate math. So why am I self-imposed-sleep-deprived today? Because I’m a girl that grew up with the Disney version of what life could be like. Sunshine, and puppies and happiness and Princes.

I have my own version. I live in the Land of Enchantment (300 days of sunshine a year) I have a Prince (Mark) that makes me laugh every single day. And yesterday I bought my puppy a sandbox to play in.

Here’s to happily ever after…..