And walk to the Jefferson Memorial.

Friday Mark and I were to fly to Rome and drive to Greve, Italy where we would share a Villa with dear friends for a week of wine tasting.

United Airlines had another plan. We found ourselves in an airport hotel with two full days on our hands. What to do?

Day One: Take the Metro into town and take in the monuments. World War II, Korean and Viet Nam wars, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials and of course the giant phallic symbol – the Washington Monument. It was a perfect day. Sunny and warm (not too humid). We definitely worked off the pity party of the night before that involved lots of cheese and vodka.

Day Two: Mark got on Google Maps – went East to the shore looking for a knife and a fork and found Tim’s River Shore Restaurant and Crab Shack. Need I say more? We sat on the beach (in sand) along the Potomac and ate our weight in crab, washed it down with beer, while listening to a local Boomer band cover Jimmy Buffet tunes. Sublime.

Day Three: Today. Slept in. Did our laundry at the hotel to wash away the stench of disappointment and well….crabs. We are back at the airport, waiting to board our flight to Munich and then Rome.

Life is good.