Yesterday I got my email from Netflix alerting me of their fee increase. At first I was a little annoyed but then realized what they are doing is not unlike the following:

Your cable company hiking up your rate because they can. Did I cancel? Hell no. I pay $75.00 a month for 600 channels – most of which are crap.

The gas station doubling the cost of a gallon in one year. Did I stop driving? Hell no. I’m an American, I drive a V6 sedan that only takes premium fuel.

My cell phone bill……it hasn’t gone up recently but let’s just say, I’m with AT&T. They don’t have to care.

So thank you Netflix for making me realize that you are a joy and a bargain. I will gladly accept my new monthly fee of $16.00. I am in season four of Dexter (only on DVD) and love to live stream stuff on my iPad.

Play on.