The 2020 Vision of Marketing is in the can and will soon be in a bookstore ( near you.

I’m ready to retire my 2020 Vision of Marketing blog. It’s been fun and y’all have been so good to me through the years. So I hope you’ll follow along on my new journey.

I want to take my writing out of the credit union space and talk about stuff that interests me like

– why did it take so long to put wheels on luggage?

– when your dog gets neutered and they suck all the goo out of his balls leaving him with Raisinettes between his legs, why not just snip that too?

– when do we decide to put the voluntary suicide kit aka the Dr. Kevorkian in Wallgreens so these Baby Boomers that are going to suck up what’s left of our entitlement programs can do us a solid?

So you see – I can no longer post on this site.

I have a few names for the new blog I’d like to run by y’all…..

My first choice, and some idiot is squatting on it, is CLOWN COLLEGE. (Does anyone know who I need to sleep with at WordPress to get that domain?)

I like the idea of clown college. Those are two words that when put together in that order make me smile. It’s so…ironic isn’t the word…….oxymoron….no that’s not right. Oh, I got it. It’s damn funny. And apparently the Barnum Bailey Clown College recently closed. So there’s a whole blog post right there.

Then I thought about my little flying pig, Hamlet. And maybe we go with PIG FLIGHT SCHOOL. Teaching pigs to fly. But then I’m afraid I’ll get back in the marketing consulting world too much.

Then I thought I’d synthesize a word, like so many credit unions did with their name changes. Something that sounds like it could be medication – like Vantus or Telegen or Cogenix. But none of those made me laugh.

I need your ideas. You all know me pretty well – even the haters – I’d like to hear from you.

What should my new blog be called?

DISCLAIMER: Real reason I want to start a new blog? We are doing such amazing things at Del Norte Credit Union (where I am the VP of Marketing) I cannot talk about it. It’s been too hard to think up blog posts without revealing our awesome greatness, but I love to write and I really need a crazy creative outlet right now.

So won’t you help me name it? Pretend I’m a t-shirt contest on James Robert Lay’s website. What should my t-shirt say?