It was two years in the making. When Jim Jerving asked me to co-author a book I still lived in Seattle and had my own business. Then I moved to New York, Portland, and finally Cochiti Lake, NM where I happily commute to Santa Fe each day to serve the members of Del Norte Credit Union.

Jim has been very patient and a wonderful writing partner. Hell, it took Julia Child over 7 years to complete Mastering the Art of French Cooking. So two years isn’t bad – we had to make sure the recipes were accurate too.

But it’s done. It’s available on and we think it’s pretty darned good. 

Not as many pictures as my first book, Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand. No Donny Osmond or Catholic church references, but a good read anywho. If you’re a marketer, a severe warning: we question everything you hold sacred. We poop in the proverbial marketing punch bowl.

For those of you that are marketing through social media, we kind of verbally spank you.

For those of you that love Net Promoter Score – we serve it up with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry on top.

This book has something for everyone. Enjoy!

Now I’m off to start my new writing adventure – stay tuned.