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I quit the wrong thing. I announced last month that I was no longer going to blog under the 2020 Vision of Marketing. And then my book came out and my dad died and I spoke for the CU Watercooler Symposium….and met a ton of people that want me to keep on blogging. 

So I’m back baby!

But I’m also announcing my official retirement from public speaking. And here are the top 10 reasons:

1. I am so tired of airline travel. Until they bring back pillows and blankies and free snacks and until I don’t have to take off my shoes to go through security – I just can’t put my body through it anymore. 

2. I feel like my speech at the CU Watercooler was kind of my manifesto. Like I reached the end of the internet. It’s all I have to say for now – publicly. But not in writing – so this blog is going on…and on… and on……

3. I’m running for the Northern New Mexico Chapter Board! Oh yes, it’s time to act local. Have I mentioned how much I love living in the Land Of Enchantment? 

4. I’m overexposed. Everyone’s heard me by now and I saw some amazing young talent at CU Watercooler. Time to pass the baton. 

5. I’m going to turn 50? I’m tired and no longer photograph well. LOL.

6. Dexter. 

7. My Eagle Creek suitcase is on its last leg. 

8. I live 56 miles from the nearest airport.

9. There’s no more room in my overhead bin.

10. I want to go out like George in that Seinfeld episode “George Goes Out on a High Note.”

So, goodbye United Airlines. Thanks for that last complimentary upgrade to First Class. Oh, and you might want to clean out the seat back pockets once a decade. 


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