is set as my default page when I power up Safari. This morning, or should I say mourning, instead of the image of the newest iThing, there’s Steve. In his black mock turtle neck with his Benjamin Franklin glasses on, quietly changing the world. I honestly can’t think of a greater visionary in our lifetime than Jobs. I can’t believe how sad this makes me feel. Probably what Beatles fans felt like when John Lennon died. I wasn’t a fan. I mean, it was sad he died – especially the WAY he died. But I can honestly say I’ve never in my life purchased a Beatles tune. But I digress.

I think the best way to honor Steve is to buy my first John Lennon song on iTunes.

Rest in Peace Steve. And hey – you folks at Apple. It’s yours to lose man. You have a ton of loyal fans out here waiting anxiously for the next great thing. Make Steve proud.