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I heard of a “policy” today at a credit union (not mine) and it got me thinking about how these crazy rules come to fruition.

Is it a cost savings driving the insanity? Or a lack of trust? Just plain mean? Here are the top five that come to mind as kinda dumb. Feel free to add yours.

1. Not buying a new employee the corporate logo shirt until after they have completed their 90 day (we’re not allowed to call it probationary anymore) waiting period.

2. Not allowing tellers to receive emails except internally. Everyone else in the CU can get external emails.

3. Making new employees wait a year until they can take any paid vacation.

4. Giving more vacation the longer you stay. Here’s why I hate this one. You are usually upper management by the time you earn your 5 weeks and two things happen: 1. you don’t feel like you can take that much time off – nor should you in those positions and 2. you end up forfeiting (losing) many weeks and it makes you bitter.

5. My personal favorite. If a teller is out of balance more than three times in a 30 day period they are fired. That was the policy at my first job.

Go Team!

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