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What women should you watch in 2012 – I mean other than Heidi Klum, Demi Moore, and as always, Angelina Jolie?? Me! I was named one of the Women to Watch in 2012 by CU Times!

I have to admit it really means a lot to me. For several reasons.

#1 – I turn 50 on March 8th.
#2 – I celebrate 32 years in the credit union industry on June 16th
#3 – It says I’m not done…..

This is the kind of achievement you want to show your parents. And as most of you know, both my mom and my dad are gone. So I’m sharing it with you – my credit union family. I’m putting it on my fridge with a gold star! (aka posting it on my blog).

Thank you to those that nominated me and to CU Times’ Myriam DiGiovanni for being so enthusiastic in the interview process.

Here’s the actual photo that was submitted and sadly chopped up for the web page – I was really proud of my hair in this one – so I wanted you to see it all.

Love you guys.

I love it when I hear a company that has had some fun with business titles. No more Marketing Coordinator for CU SWAG (for example) how about Cultivator of Brands.

Then I remembered how YOU can create a new title for yourself that’s fun and easy.

1. Tell me what your favorite Halloween costume was when you were a kid. (This reveals a lot about yourself).

2. What is your current title (your adult costume)?

3. Put the two together.

For example. For Halloween I always dressed up like a Gypsy because I wanted to wear all of my mom’s costume jewelry at one time. Today I am the VP Marketing.

But now I am the Marketing Gypsy.

In 2006 Fred Reichheld, author of The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth wrote:

CEOs regularly announce ambitious growth targets, then fail to achieve them. The reason? Their growing addiction to bad profits. These corporate steroids boost short-term earnings but alienate customers. They undermine growth by creating legions of detractors – customers who complain loudly about the company and switch to competitors at the earliest opportunity.

Are you listening Verizon?

Good Profit: Charging people for your wireless service.
Bad Profit: Charging people to PAY you for your wireless service.

And if that’s not enough – did you learn NOTHING from Bank of America? Wells Fargo? Netflix?

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