Boy – I realized this morning as I was posting a comment on Ron Shevlin’s blog how much I miss blogging!

Now that I work for a credit union – I’m writing……reports. But it’s not the same.

So let’s talk about two of my favorite things. Butter and bacon. I’m hooked on the Food Network show Chopped. It’s changed the way I view my refrigerator. When you think you have NOTHING to eat you are reminded that four chefs made four different entrees out of maraschino cherries, peas inthe pod, parsley root and tripe. Now, as Mark would say, I like to rustle me up some viddles Chopped style.

And this is where butter and bacon come in. Those two ingredients are commonly used on Chopped. Oh, and for those of you that don’t know the show – they have access to a complete pantry and fridge full of every kind of food imaginable (unlike my kitchen). So the first thing they grab – bacon….and then butter.

Bacon, aka meat candy, adds that smokey homey flavor to almost anything. Butter – real butter, don’t let me see you take out a tub of margarine, is the sweet nectar of life.  Let me break it down for you. Maraschino cherries – a little bit of butter and bacon. Yum. Peas in the pod – butter and bacon, duh. Parsley root — butter, bacon – of course.  Finally tripe – only edible with butter and bacon.

But what about cholesterol? What about Paula Dean and diabetes?

We’re all gonna die. Skinny, healthy, granola eating yoga fanatics die too. And on their death bed, I bet they are thinking, I wish I’d added butter and bacon to that sawdust I choked down every day.