I used to make Christmas cards every year. Depending on the complexity of my design it could take weeks for me to complete. I know people enjoyed them because they saved them. You can’t throw out a handmade card!

I believe there is a direct correlation between the number of cards you send and the number you receive. And I can say for certainty that if they are handmade your receive level is often greater.

But that was years ago and several moves ago. I don’t plan on sending any Christmas cards this year except to a few family members and very close friends- and you know who you are. I’m too busy and not feeling it anymore.

To date I’ve received two Christmas cards. Now I know it’s still early but I don’t expect to receive too many more.

PERSONAL SIDEBAR/SHOUT OUT: Dan, I sincerely hope I get the annual photo Christmas card from you though. I treasure those.

I wonder what the average age of a Christmas card buyer/mailer is??  Probably older than the average age of a credit union member (48).

I cannot imagine my 27 year-old niece picking up a box of cards at the store and taking the time to address them (which also means collecting mailing addresses) buying postage stamps and  finding a post office to put them in the system.

So anywho……it begs the question: “Are Christmas Cards Dying?” Has Social Media negated the need for an annual touch base?