I think in music videos. And since MTV and VH1 don’t air them anymore I have to rely on my own versions.

I can be sitting in an airport and music pops in my head and suddenly I have created a video montage around me.  If I had the time, talent, software and money – I would make videos all day long.  I love it when a character dies or someone is kicked off of a reality show and music plays and they do the slow-mo synopsis of their time on earth/TV.

aa_solsbury_hill_10Stop and think for a minute what your video would look like? The highlights, the low lights and now I challenge you to come up with your theme song.

My theme song has always been Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel.  It’s a rare autobiographical song dealing with his break as lead singer of Genesis and anticipation of his new challenge as a solo artist.  I have been able to identify with that feeling many times in my life.

My heart going Boom, Boom, Boom.