peggyI learned how to blog in a bar in Golden, Colorado. That was August of 2006. All the cool kids were doing it. Trey Reeme, Matt Davis, Brent Dixon. They could not believe that I was not blogging, so I gave into peer pressure and started this blog. Pretty soon I was “thinking in blog.” I would be in the middle of an experience and think “This would make a great blog post!” If I was having an exceptionally bad experience it was always tempting to tell the person delivering me the fresh hell that I would blog about them. Alas, it’s a power I’ve always tried to use for good and not evil.

If you look at the time stamp of most of my posts they are before noon. I’m a morning person and do my best writing before lunch. In fact, if you’ve ever worked with me you know my creativity cell shuts down promptly at 3:00 Mountain Time. Seriously, you can hear it.

On May 12, 2010 I was featured on the “Freshly Pressed” site on WordPress. Each day they highlight 10 blogs out of the 450,000 new blog posts each day. Here’s the one they selected. This particular blog post I like to call the “one take.” When I get really passionate about something I can sit down and “knock it out” in one take. Took me about 10 minutes to write this one. That’s why I thought it was so funny it got selected. The ones I spent hours on…not so much.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a handful of fans of my blog. And when i don’t blog regularly will actually reach out to me to find out why I’m not writing and when they can expect another one. If you’re reading this I’m taking about you. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Thank you.

Now that I am the co-founder of 6th Story, I’ve decided to move my blogging to the “Stories” section of Matt and I want to help credit unions tell their story. There are still so many people in the world that have no idea what a credit union is or what the difference is between a bank and a credit union. We’re talking about over 100 years of credit unions existing in America – that’s pretty sad. We aim to change that. So dear readers, please join me over here. There are three new posts over there I think you’ll enjoy. This is not the end….it’s only a new beginning.