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Next week is my birthday- March 8th. I’ll be turning the big five oh! Today I got a birthday card in the mail from Macy’s.

Happy Birthday Denise! Macy’s Star Rewards wants to wish you a very happy birthday with this special pass to use on a wide array of brands! It’s our little way of saying “happy birthday” to you, our loyal Macy’s customer. Inside the card is a $10.00 gift card that pulls out.

I’ve been loyal since 1986. In fact, it’s the only department store card I’ve ever had.

Because we don’t have a Macy’s in Northern NM I went online to buy some cool stuff. At check out I entered my secret code (on the back of the gift card) and nothing happened.

THEN I saw the fine print. I had to put on my reading glasses…..are you ready for this?

*Excludes Everyday Values (EDV), furniture, mattresses, rugs/floor coverings, cosmetics, fragrances, Tag Heuer, Tempur-Pedic, products offered by vendors who operate leased departments in any of our stores including furs, Maternity (no problem there), eSpot, Luis Vuitton (damn). Not valid on previous purchases, special orders, services, gift cards, jewelry trunk shows, (WHAT? why?), payment on credit accounts, restaurants, gourmet foods, wine (double damn). Cannot be combined with any savings pass/coupon, extra discount or credit offer, except when opening a new Macy’s account (ironic). Savings are allocated among eligible items, as shown on receipt. Returns forfeit allocated savings for returned item(s). This coupon has no cash value (no sh*t) and cannot be redeemed for cash. Purchase must be $30 or more, exclusive of tax and delivery fees. Valid for one-time use only in-store March 1, 2012 through March 31, 2012 with your Macy’s credit card (so we can charge you 21% on your birthday gift IF you’re even able to find something you want that qualifies under these ridiculous rules).

Macy’s – what are you afraid of? It’s ten bucks. It’s my birthday. I’ve been with you for 26 years.

This is why most loyalty systems are so flawed – so much red tape, legal crap, and restrictions. Takes all the fun out of turning fifty.

What women should you watch in 2012 – I mean other than Heidi Klum, Demi Moore, and as always, Angelina Jolie?? Me! I was named one of the Women to Watch in 2012 by CU Times!

I have to admit it really means a lot to me. For several reasons.

#1 – I turn 50 on March 8th.
#2 – I celebrate 32 years in the credit union industry on June 16th
#3 – It says I’m not done…..

This is the kind of achievement you want to show your parents. And as most of you know, both my mom and my dad are gone. So I’m sharing it with you – my credit union family. I’m putting it on my fridge with a gold star! (aka posting it on my blog).

Thank you to those that nominated me and to CU Times’ Myriam DiGiovanni for being so enthusiastic in the interview process.

Here’s the actual photo that was submitted and sadly chopped up for the web page – I was really proud of my hair in this one – so I wanted you to see it all.

Love you guys.

I love it when I hear a company that has had some fun with business titles. No more Marketing Coordinator for CU SWAG (for example) how about Cultivator of Brands.

Then I remembered how YOU can create a new title for yourself that’s fun and easy.

1. Tell me what your favorite Halloween costume was when you were a kid. (This reveals a lot about yourself).

2. What is your current title (your adult costume)?

3. Put the two together.

For example. For Halloween I always dressed up like a Gypsy because I wanted to wear all of my mom’s costume jewelry at one time. Today I am the VP Marketing.

But now I am the Marketing Gypsy.

If the caveman invented the wheel – why did it take us so long to put them on luggage?

One might also ask – “If Hallmark invented the greeting card why did it take them so long to sell them “postage paid?”

You may go back to work now. Thanks for listening.


I’m not much of a fast food junkie – and I’ve never been a big fan of McDonald’s but I have to say – I totally respect their McRib strategy. No one really knows why this has not become a regular item. But Facebook pages have lobbied to “bring the McRib back” and this morning on the news – yes on the news – the co-anchors were discussing the merits of the McRib.

Marta Fearon, McDonald’s US Marketing director admits that bringing it back every so often adds to the excitement. In the past they would only sell the McRib in certain locations. This time it’s at all locations until November 14th. Building in a sense of urgency.

So what can we learn from the golden arches?

Oh, and at only 500 calories and 26 grams of fat, it’s slightly healthier than the Big Mac.

My dishwasher broke last night. The handle came off in my hand, the locking mechanism is toast. The more tragic thing? The thing was FULL. I pride myself on really filling that beotch before I run it. Saves water and energy. Mostly my energy.

Mark suggested since I am a household of “one” (currently)  and a small dog that I go back to hand washing my dishes. I laughed heartily. When I was just starting out, and poor, and in my twenties, I hand washed. I put in my time. I’m not going back.

I stood for about 45 minutes in the kitchen holding the door shut on the broken washer to clean that full load. That’s how serious I am about not hand washing dishes.

Insane you say? Perhaps.

Dexter and I are heading to Lowe’s today to get the dishwasher of my dreams. Energy Star rated and that coveted Good Housekeeping Seal has been awarded to the model I’m about to purchase. A Bosch.

Mark’s response to this? “Merry Christmas Sweetie.”

That’s when you know you’re old. You get excited about major appliances.

Not since being a teller have I had validation of my greatness. That was 1981. It was called “Being in Balance.” Ahhhhh. My brain was aligned. I would lock up my cash drawer, place it in the vault, hand my perfect paper to my boss and head home. Not a care in the world.

Being in management you rarely have tangible evidence that you’ve completed something. Anything. It’s the nature of the beast. We are paid to think, and meet and strategize. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. But now and again I need a sense of completion. I need to stand back and look at evidence of my accomplishment.

This week-end I achieved just that. I built a steel pergula in my backyard. It took me about 10 hours but I did it. The stupid directions said you could put it together in 30 minutes. Some dude on said he did it in 3 hours. Whatever. They probably didn’t live in the high desert where they had to dig 18 inch holes in rock in 103 degree weather. I”m just sayin’….

It’s square, and sturdy and gorgeous and I can’t wait to finish laying my flagstone so Dexter and I can enjoy the stars.

Now I can get back to thinking.

Had a great debate today at lunch.

The question: Will checks (the annoying act of writing one or receiving one) go away in our lifetime?

My answer: The paper check will die with the Baby Boomer generation.

Let’s all go wash our cars today (the white man’s rain dance) so we can keep this beast at bay. Here’s the map of the fire line  – the arrow points to my house.

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