It started as a movement. An idea. Word of mouth among the target audience built it into an event. A thing. A space was opened. Plans were laid. Meetings were held. Money was gathered. Pooled really. No, this isn’t another story of how credit unions entered the US marketplace – but it could be.

Instead this is how a group of Gen Yers took to the nation’s capital this week to claim their spot at the legislative table during one of the most important and tumultuous times in credit union history.

Led by Brent Dixon and Matt Davis (aka modern day Ed Filene and Roy Bergengren) Crash the GAC is a perfect example of collaboration, communication and innovation.

If you want to see the power of social media. Twitter #GAC10.

If you want to see the power of viral marketing and some pretty kick-ass SWAG, check out CU SWAG’s Crash the GAC t-shirt contest.

If you want to see what a grassroots movement looks like in 2010 – see the line-up of speakers that generously donated their time to this cause. The original cause – people helping people.

And, if you want to see Brent Dixon rocking a tie, check out this blog.